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A painter whose pigment is sound.

A composer whose score is an image.


I am an artist whose medium varies. Whether it be paint or charcoal, notation or sound samples, technology or tradition- my artwork is a meticulous, ever-evolving language that strives to reveal the intricacies of an era where possibilities are endless.


My process across all media is similar, involving a gradual layering technique. I begin with a loose framework and then carefully build depth before incorporating colour or timbre. This approach allows my pieces to develop organically while retaining precision and intention, resulting in works that are both expressive and technically thoughtful.

Featured Projects-

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Some of my earliest memories involve a compulsion to create. Through years of practice and exploration, my early works have provided a crucial technical foundation, allowing my artistic practice to become an instinctive mode of expression.

Diana Lawryshyn as a child
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